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About US

ATLASBX Company is an expert in making storage batteries. Since its establishment in 1944, ATLASBX Corporation has taken a challenging journey towards creative innovation and brighter future. In order to strengthen our competitiveness and continue with innovations, ATLASBX has made continuous efforts for technology innovations such as developing Korea’s first maintenance-free batteries and premium AGM batteries and now!

ATLASBX has grown into an enterprise specializing in batteries.

In particular, on its 70th anniversary since establishment ATLASBX improved its quantitative strength by expanding the manufacturing facilities in JeonJu Factory.

As our products are being exported to 130 countries in the world and we are growing to be a global leader in battery industry, ATLASBX is also focusing on its qualitative growth by enhancing the premium value of the brand and diversifying CSR activities.

ATLASBX is a global enterprise with 70 years of history. It is now preparing for the next 70 years to be the developer of the most advanced battery technology, a responsible corporate citizen that provides the best service to our clients and the builder of a bright future.

Looking forward, ATLASBX promises to continue its journey to contribute to making a green and sustainable world with highest quality products, technology and service.

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